Accreditation Council for Online Higher Education (ACOHE) was established for the purpose of accrediting and online education institutes for the quality of the education and training that they impart to their students. ACOHE ensures proficiency of management and quality of the services that are being provided by the online accreditation agencies to various educational institutes. Additionally, it assures that its member organizations follow the best practices in online education accreditation for better performance.

Throughout the couple of decades of its existence, ACOHE has been recognized by world famous academic standards and state councils for its quality accreditation services. As it continues to grow, ACOHE aims to hold the unique status through generations, by upholding its unique, yet stringent quality standards.


"To improve and enhance the standards of independent further and higher educational institutions by the establishment of a system of accreditation".

Member Services

The ACOHE is working on various plans and projects which are intended to undertake and introduce new ways to enhance quality of services and performance of different accreditation bodies.

ACOHE has also introduced a yearly award to recognize institutions that are playing a pivotal role in developing significant learning opportunities for the students.

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